betsy akinsHi! I’m Betsy and I am super enthusiastic about supporting women in accomplishing their goals and community building! I have been in Austria for about 4 years, give or take a few months, and I am working as the program assistant for Fulbright Austria – an international educational exchange organization – where I have been developing a database for the purpose of alumni outreach.

In my free time I pour my heart and soul into a little project called Women of Vienna – a women’s community group which aims to empower women by providing a safe, supportive environment where women new and old to Vienna can ask for advice, share tips, make friends, network and learn from each other.

I strongly believe in the power of community and that something magically beautiful happens when a group of people make the commitment to be supportive of each other and work together towards making the world a better place. I also really love riding my little green bike through the streets of Vienna at night and wine-touring in Burgenland.

„I wanted to demystify the world of coding“

Betsy, you attended our course „Website erstellen„. What were your aims/goals when you registered for the course?

I wanted to demystify the world of coding. It has always been something that intrigued me, but it was always – so far – presented in a really intimidating, mysterious (and often gendered) way. Girls n’ Code seemed like a great way to infiltrate the mystery and learn in a friendly environment.

What were your biggest programming-challenges? How did you meet those challenges?

Like with everything in my life – memory and time! After the workshop I realized coding was something I COULD do and something I really enjoy, but like any language it will take time and repetition to become fluent.

Have you already started your own project?

I’m tinkering around with some things. :-)

„Go for it! Don´t be intimidated – you can figure it out with a little effort and some awesome support!“

betsy akins snapchatWhat advice would you give to people who are thinking about learning programming?

Go for it! Don’t be intimidated – you can figure it out with a little effort and some awesome support. Also, find a super cool community to learn in. Learning is more fun and helpful if there’s people who you can ask for help or laugh at your mistakes with. Also, experiment. It’s a great way to get creative!

How do you think people can benefit from this knowledge? Or how do you benefit from this knowledge in your professional life?

For me, it is an added skill to make myself more marketable and something I use for my personal projects. I’m also working with websites and databases on daily basis for my job and it’s so cool to know more about how they function.

„I think coding is going to be as essential as knowing how to use Microsoft Office in the future.“

Why should everybody learn to code – at least the basics?

I think coding is going to be as essential as knowing how to use Microsoft Office in the future. Anyone who has a website or who works for a company that has a website should learn basic coding. And let’s be honest, that’s almost everyone. 😉


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