How to get into cosplay?

How to get into cosplay

When I was a child I used to imagine what my role in cosplay would be like. I pictured myself playing a mysterious figure, perhaps a Jedi Knight, who was defending the galaxy from the evil Darth Vader and his TIE Fighters. One of the most iconic images of Star Wars is that of the Emperor, and if you look close enough you can see that his body is almost entirely encased in a metal black armor. To be able to imagine this fantastic scene I would need to be sitting on a 2nd floor balcony of a Tokyo apartment; I couldn’t dream of going that far!

The reason I have always fancied Star Wars is that it seems so realistic. You have this feeling that the characters are so like us, or at least we should feel that way. So imagine my joy when I discovered that there are actually events dedicated to teaching aspiring cosplayers how to get into cosplay. I would attend these conventions in order to try out all of the different costumes that people have made. I would even try out some of the really sexy ones!

Cosplay conventions aren’t just for Japanese people either. There are conventions for all sorts of different ethnicities and nationalities. If you live somewhere else on the planet, there is no reason why you shouldn’t attend a cosplay convention!

If you are looking for a place to go when you are first interested in cosplay there are a few things you can do. Try checking with your local comic book store to see if they have an event for cosplay this month. I would personally recommend attending a cosplay convention in October since this is when the majority of celebrities will be appearing. Some of the major comic book stores will also be hosting an event for the super fan that has been waiting to attend their convention.

In order to get into the cosplay convention you are going to need a cosplay costume. This can be anything that you want it to be. You may be able to find a cheaper option if you are just looking for something to wear to a convention. You also don’t have to spend a fortune on a costume, there are many places online that offer free shipping and low cost costumes. Even if you do spend a little money, you will most likely end up saving money anyway.

If you plan on attending the cosplay convention in September or October, you should also start saving money. These are the months that end up having the most high traffic at any con. This is because there are so many people going to these events. The main focus of the con is to have great graphics and top notch quality pictures. If you want to get a picture of your hero with G Gundam, you will most likely have to spend quite a bit of money in order to do so.

If you want to get into cosplay you are going to have to know how to communicate with the cosplay community. You are not going to be able to just come up to someone and tell them that you want to be them. That is probably the biggest downfall when it comes to learning how to get involved in cosplay. You have to either learn how to communicate with others or be willing to just walk up and talk to them.

Learning how to cosplay is not hard to do. Once you have gotten over your fear of the conventions of the rest will fall into place. You will be amazed at how welcoming and helpful the cosplay community is. They will even help you set up an account on their website and let you know everything that you need to know. If you want to get into cosplay then all you have to do is take the first step and ask yourself what you want to become.